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are parabens bad for your health? (now with gifs!)

Paraben (p-hydroxybenzoic acid) the molecule that asks the question: Is it spelled “O” OR “OH”? “The above-mentioned studies have resulted in scientific debate that in turn led to popular controversy largely propagated by… Continue reading

the message is the message

It’s been said by certain researchers that happenstance has played a role in many of their most exciting discoveries. this is not one of those exciting discoveries. BUT it is happenstance… I’ve been… Continue reading

important science things

“Release the president’s DNA.” Speak for yourself, rich lady Leibniz’ legacy: creating a goldmine for the most integral math puns imaginable When I asked for an upgrade to my work PC, all I… Continue reading

where to search for heaven

As a scientist, every experiment, every hypothesis, every idea — they all begin with assumptions. Some of them are obvious: we’re going to perform this experiment on Earth. So there’ll be like, gravity,… Continue reading

Here are today’s most pressing science thingies

Once we work out the bugs, this is gonna be awesome Dramatic ellipses in headlines are… annoying GoT science news of the day: “Robert is most likely homozygous for a dominant, dark-hair-causing, Baratheon… Continue reading

it seems like forever ago now

Our planet is estimated to be about 4.54 billion years old. There are lots of cool things that have happened since that fateful day — scientists believe it was a Tuesday, but the… Continue reading

Journalists gonna journal, haters gonna hate

Oh, hey, big surprise: everybody wants to read science articles. I truly believe that is awesome, but I also truly believe that 99% of people have never read a research article.But still, you… Continue reading

Why Can’t We Just Burn Water?

You know what’s funny (besides comedy sketches I mean)? As a physicist who has been forced to study and has been tested on all the little tricks of thermodynamics, I’m not really sure… Continue reading

Overthinking It

Creating set lists. Whew! what a load of work. In a few days I’ll bust out a set of live music, but I wondered (to myself, but still loud enough to confuse the… Continue reading

Are we all just cold ones?

Last week here in New York City, temperatures were over 90°F for a few days in a row. It was humid, I was sweaty, it was gross. It was fun but as a… Continue reading

i just wanted a photo of entropy

I was watching this neat BBC program with physicist Brian Cox talking about entropy. He gives a pretty good demo showing how time moves in one direction because entropy is always increasing. Things… Continue reading

adventures in clumpy coffee

This is totally-sort-of science. I make coffee every morning and most of the time my wife gets to drink some too. This morning she informed me that a couple of days ago, after… Continue reading