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cordyceps scientist

cordyceps + scientist = new master species?? Inspired by a question from nate Advertisements

have you ever dug deep down on twitter?

here’s a fun game for a friday where all you’re doing is looking at your computer. if you click “Follow” while on someone’s twitter page, offers you two more profiles to follow.… Continue reading

important science things

“Release the president’s DNA.” Speak for yourself, rich lady Leibniz’ legacy: creating a goldmine for the most integral math puns imaginable When I asked for an upgrade to my work PC, all I… Continue reading

where to search for heaven

As a scientist, every experiment, every hypothesis, every idea — they all begin with assumptions. Some of them are obvious: we’re going to perform this experiment on Earth. So there’ll be like, gravity,… Continue reading

Here are today’s most pressing science thingies

Once we work out the bugs, this is gonna be awesome Dramatic ellipses in headlines are… annoying GoT science news of the day: “Robert is most likely homozygous for a dominant, dark-hair-causing, Baratheon… Continue reading

The First Post

It’s pretty stressful to try and come up with something extremely profound and interesting for a blog’s first post… So instead, here’s this poem about the deskphone that I just made up:    from… Continue reading