The First Post

It’s pretty stressful to try and come up with something extremely profound and interesting for a blog’s first post…

So instead, here’s this poem about the deskphone that I just made up:


   from whence
  does the deskphone come?
 twas a noble day, good sirs
a noble day indeed (as you shall see).

what plants did die,
what sea creatures drowned,
to make the deskphone the best-phone?

a blackened scallion
in the shape of an earpiece.
an octopus leg connects and takes voice to phone.

tis also a miracle,
its web-presence infallible…
tis no trifle to find a sexy deskphone!

argh, avast! let no plank go un-walked,
for this night, we sing
around our beloved desk phone.

There will be more (to do with science) coming soon. Now that I’ve gotten this first post out of the way, look out!